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Our Pre Agreement Bill

  • These steps describe only the work to be done by specialized Technical and  WordPress resources.
  • Any kind of Graphic Design, Photography and/or Video related work, are agreed in advance and billed separately.

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Word Press Simple Site is made of the following parts

  1. Word Press (Premium or Free) Theme
  2. A limited set of Word Press Free Plugins we use
  3. Images
  4. Text
  5. Mandatory graphics design, like the logo and a such.

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This stage is optional. It describes the "building site" preparations we need to start (yes you guessed it) building the site. This is either done by us or delivered to us. If building site is not well-prepared WordPress work can not start.

  1. Domain name purchase and setup fee: FREE
    1. A customer is registered domain owner, who is paying for the domain.
    2. If we do it is through name.com
  2. WordPress Hosting plan purchase and setup fee: USD 50.00
    1. A customer is registered hosting owner who is paying the actual hosting cost
    2. Which comes to approx. USD 70 one-off payment
    3. If we do it, it has to start from SiteGround.com  here
    4. This is where one can find a detailed description of the “StartUp” hosting plan

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  1. WordPress  site template selection and setup fee: FREE
    1. The customer is paying the actual template cost.
      1. It is perfectly OK to use free templates too
      2. Free template narrows everyone's ability to deliver the functional and good looking site.
    2. An excellent premium template is approx. 50 to 100 USD
      1. A proven way to speed up this step is customer sending us links to a number of templates she likes, from here.
      2. We respond with advice which one to choose and why.
  2. Actual Site creation is 50 USD per day per one Word Press  Expert.
    1. In 99% of cases, 5 working days or less is plenty of time to finish simple WordPress sites done with the good premium template.
  3. We have no incentive to work on any simple WordPress site for more than 5 days.
  4. What is out of the scope of a “simple” site:
    1. CSS coding or adjustments
      1. This means out of the scope of a "Simple Site" is: design, look and feel and any  other solution which can not be done with the chosen template “out of the box”
    2. HTML, JavaScript or any other kind of coding
    3. Use of complex premium WordPress plugins
      1. We can and we will use a few free plugins we use on each and every simple WordPress site
        1. This is for improved: Security, Performance and SEO.
  5. Facebook page setup fee: FREE
    1. This includes Site to FB page publishing link

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  1. Hosting + Site administration: 1 USD per day
    1.  This does not include any kind of coding or site additions or improvements
  2. We are not responsible for possible site downtimes.
    1. We are cooperating with the best in the business (SiteGround.com, London based data center) so our customers do enjoy very rare outages



Please note: For all the steps outlined above, to lead to feasible outcome, we need prompt and consistent input from a customer.

After site shape and form is agreed we will create a site-specific detailed plan which will produce details about time and costs for the required site to be finished.

Imaginary Simple Site Price -- WordPress work
1. FREE: Domain name selection, and setup
$ 20: Domain cost paid by customer
2. $ 50: SiteGround startup package procurement and setup
3. ~ $ 75: One off payment to SiteGround for point 2.
4. FREE: WordPress template selection and setup
5. ~ $ 60: "Avada" best seller theme
6. $250: 5 day work to deliver the finished working site
7. FREE: FaceBook page creation and setup (requires customers FB account)
$ 300  for Word Press related work done by us
$ ~ 155  for third party tools and services

If required by the customer,  Graphic Designer, Photograph etc are billed separately.

After detailed prices list is approved by the customer we can start.

For any questions suggestions or quote requests please do contact us. Email button is bellow. Welcome 🙂

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