Three Stages of Planning


Deatiled situation examination.

Compliance GDPR forensics in action.


Quantification and Qualification of the situation found.

Right kind of question is half of answer!


Plan making and finalization. Cloud migration targets defined. Office 365 plans selected.

Most of our knowledge and experience goes into the planning.

This is where we differ: Feasibility

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Example: Email

Surprise to most, solution to us: Email system is the key non-compliance cause. Many customers suffer email legacy systems. This results in severe non-compliance due to outdated infrastructure and outdated processes built around it, so that business can function. As a result, complexity explodes. Cost are spiraling upwards. And many "fast" Office 365 consultants are just simply too fast to notice that.

Contrary to that, in this well-known situation to us, we will ensure customer, first and foremost, understands and plans Office365 Exchange On-Line. Email platform that is cheap, robust, fully compliant and  operates at maximum efficiency. The whole secret is to properly plan a migration to it. And that requires our help in planning for it. And our skillful delivery and monitoring of this solution is a key guarantee for GDPR readiness.

GDPR compliant e-mail is so important that even having it as a single part of solution release 1.0, makes it totally valid.

 Is there any Method in this or is this just a marketing blurb?

Certainly not. Our company leadership is totally committed to the application of sound architectural methods. From the top to the bottom. Our chief and lead Architects are all TOGAF certified. And we take a great care not to be ceremonially attached to it. Our method is based on years of TOGAF method tailoring and right-sizing for company and each of the projects.

TOGAF method ensures right kind of customers presence in each planning stage.  From requirements management all the way to the deliveries


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Legacy knowledge Complexity is pervasive in mature businesses.

 Solution: We deliver simplicity. But not beyond that.

Compliance no longer means costly Business Transformation. We are the experts in the field of compliance and cloud computing working together. Through careful planning and execution, with clearly defined three stages, we gently push our customers to the optimum level of compliance.



Our primary technological focus is on Microsoft Cloud Computing.

We are seeing very large movement in the customer base towards Microsoft Azure Cloud offerings.

We are Agile

We work in tightly controlled short cycles. Thus mitigating the delivery risks to the lowest in industry.

We are cheaper

Our technical leaders are located in London, UK. We own skilled teams  based in SE EU. Thus we can offer robust yet cheaper delivery. 

Legacy Office to Cloud
Transformation and migration of legacy office files to 3 types of compliant targets as defined in previous planning stage. Key request is to sort and transport your legacy data to three targets: active Cloud, online and offline archive.

Azure "Simple Storage" is the part we use to feasibly delivery this kind of implementations. This gives us a certain path to the best balance between platform features, costs and compliance requirements.

Integration with New
Transformation and migration of legacy office files to 3 types of compliant targets as defined in previous planning stage.

Azure Active Directory Identity and access management for the cloud. Integration of two sides of the compliant solution: on the premises and in the Cloud.

Compliant Backup
Due to business or compliance requirements, organizations are required to protect their data for years, and over time this data grows exponentially. GDPR solutions also requires data to be automatically moved to on-line or off line backup, depending on the age of data.

Azure Backup is a simple and cost-effective backup-as-a-service solution that extends tried-and-trusted tools on-premises with rich and powerful tools in the cloud.

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Often, medium to large SME's do employ Compliance Consultants. most often this is due to the high complexity of customers data, found to be in a non-compliant state. In those situations, Compliance Consultants are very much involved in the planning stage.

We welcome Compliance Consultants.

We thrive in that triangle where we can concentrate on most feasible implementations. Both customers and compliance consultants, very quickly realize we are an assurance against the most feasible implementation for complex compliance and GDPR requirements.



Problem: Intricate dynamic business communications

Solution: GDPR solution monitored by Compliant.Systems


Business Continuation in Compliance Situations is our primary focus

Our key market differentiator is how we manage Office 365 and Azure, in order to achieve maximum and continual compliance levels for our customers

Do not leave yourself on the wrong side of GDPR 

Migrate to the fully Enabled Solution