Integration and BPA

An architectural solution domain (aka Solution Architecture), for the BPA system based on Tranzax™ BPA Platform.

The problem domain was primarily defined by the requirements for the integration of separate business processes into a functionally meaningful solution.

This IT system is viewed as a typical ―Enterprise Class system. A system, requiring a large-scale integration of disparate new and legacy IT systems.

To maximize the business benefit, this architecture as envisaged, as to be adopted in phases.

  1. Integration Phase one – working solution
  2. Integration Phase two – enterprise solution

Please note that working solution (phase one) is NOT inferior to the enterprise solution. It simply is what business needs for the integration to work in a satisfactory manner.

Ultimate, large scale, enterprise solution may be never required, it depends on circumstances of the business. As such, that never a purely a technical decision, to move to that phase.

This Architecture was implemented and delivered in the largest credit card corporation, for it’s EU region.