Resilient Business Integration Platform

DBJ*BIZ is  Business Integration Service. The architecture presented is delivering a solution based on resilient messaging added to the transaction routing hub.

The system is eminently scalable and resilient. Compliance and Security can be readily solved with message encryption and SSL.

BizTalk platform is at the logical centre of the DBJ*BIZ system. But it is outside of the customer’s responsibility. Customers feel the benefit of BizTalk but are not responsible for developing or maintaining the solution. DBJ*BIZ is in essence distributed BizTalk topology.

Here is a part of the Architecture focusing on the “Resilient Distributed Transactions” solution.

Please proceed here,  to learn of Architecture part that presents the guaranteed delivery model.

System offers an added benefit of Analytic’s. Large amount of data passing through the “hub” can be in the same time transparently analysed for the benefit of system consumers.

Here is an example of Architecture introducing in in the real B2B system ( )