The winners are hiring Pearls.Clinic

Post Pandemia 2020 :: How to survive the “New Normal”

Strong Health Information Systems since 2000

1. 2020 — We all know what is the Big, Relevant Change in the World

We also know that means tectonic shifts for the H.I.S. industry

Strongest ever Regulators focus on Health Data management, production and consuming

Sudden shift to urgently and dramatically raised requirements

Public Health System == National Defense System

H.I.S. Industry impact

big stakes

huge urgency

2. There Will Be Winners and Losers

It is only human to have “loss aversion”: Avoid a possible loss by sticking to the status quo, rather than risk a possible gain by opting for change.

Government and Regulators simply do not care.

High Pressure and urgent Demand


For many Inability to deliver will mean end of the health-related business.

Your business critically depends on strong H.I.S. you choose

Your HIS is now truly critical for your business survival

Consider a change

Choose wisely and your future is bright

Choose not to change or not based on facts and your future is not bright

Document/Show data about “mass extinction” among HIS companies. Somewhat unrelated example:

In the last 15 Years, 52% of the Fortune 500 companies have disappeared.

1955 — Average life expectancy was 75 years

2015 — Average life expectancy was 15 years

Now show that “winners” have turned to the concept Pearls.Clinic has adopted. For example:

Q: What is the common thread among HIS winners?

A: HIS winners are hiring HIS Management Consultancy

3. The Promised Land

It’s tempting at this point to jump into the details of DYOMIA services. Resist that urge.

Prospects won’t yet have enough context for why DYOMIA service are important, and they’ll “tune out”.

First present a “teaser” vision of the happily-ever-after that DYOMIA services will help the prospect achieve— what is called the “Promised Land”.

Careful! This “Promised Land” should be both desirable (obviously) and difficult for the prospect to achieve without DYOMIA help. Otherwise, why hiring DYOMIA?

Good example of a “Promised Land” slide


(subject of the sale is why is the subscription based service better)

Note: the Promised Land is a new future state, not DYOMIA product or service.

Note: the Promised Land is not having DYOMIA on the project site, but what life is like thanks to having DYOMIA methodology and CTM technology.

Note: After the presentation, colleagues will ask future clients: “What do those two lovely ladies do again?”. Armed with a compelling “Promised Land”, your prospects are more likely to supply an answer that gets others on board.

4. Introduce Features as “Magic Gifts” for Overcoming Obstacles to the Promised Land

Note: Good analogy of the atmosphere in the presentation room by now: Your prospect is Cinderella, and you’re the fairy godmother, casting spells to get her to the ball.

Introducing DYOMIA services, by positioning the capabilities it amplifies like the spells; as “magic gifts” for helping your main prospect (Cinderella) reach that much-desired “Promised Land”.

For example: The slide that talks about the structure of DYOMIA developed patient record. Out of context, this detail would likely bore even the most technical prospect.

While positioned in the context of “magical” transitioning from an “old world” to a “new world,”, it’s the foundation for an engaging conversation with prospects—technical and otherwise—about why it’s so hard to reach the “Promised Land” of on-time-and-under-a-budget HIS with traditional solutions.

5. Evidence that hiring DYOMIA, Can Make the Story Come True

The road to the Promised Land is, by definition, littered with obstacles, so prospects are rightly sceptical of the DYOMIA ability to deliver.

The last piece of the presentation is the best evidence DYOMIA can offer they you can make the story come true.

Testimonials. The most effective type of “evidence” is a success story about how DYOMIA have already helped someone else (who is similar to the prospect) to reach the Promised Land. This testimonial captures the essence:

There was pre Pearls.Clinic and there is a post Pearls.Clinic.

It was really painful before Pearls.Clinic came along — Baron Minhauzen, CEO

I also like this one, from an exec (imaginary DYOMIA customer), which speaks more explicitly about DYOMIA Promised Land:

“Pearls.Clinic were great at enabling us to implement perfect recurring billing and managing the overall customers subscriptions. Something that was always difficult as we all know, with the present Oracle systems” — Pinochio Gieppeto, CTO

What if PV don’t yet have a huge number of successful customers?

Service demos are the next most effective evidence, but again, features should always be presented in the context of how they help a prospect reach the Promised Land.


A Sales Narrative Works Best When Everyone Tells It

Successful sales rarely happen solely as a result of a great presentation. In order for sales to be successful, the entire organization must align around the narrative about the Big Change, Fight for Survival, Promised Land, and Magic Gifts.

The winners have hired Pearls.Clinic