Trademarks Statement

DBJ.Systems Ltd. and it’s Business Units (BU’s) logos and trademarks

 COMPLIANT.SYSTEMSARTOLOGY.SYSTEMS  and NEAR.DBJ.SYSTEMS are separate business units of  DBJ.SYSTEMS Ltd. company.






This Lists out an illustrative, non-exhaustive list of DBJ.Systems Business Units (BU’s) their logos and trademarks to be owned by DBJ.Systems Ltd.


  • Any logo or trademark from the list above is called: DBJ.Systems owned Logo or DBJ.Systems owned Trademark
  • Any screenshots from any of the DBJ.Systems BU’s sites, products or services are called DBJ.Systems Screen Shots
  • BU names should always be mentioned in using its logo, trademark or screenshot connected to it.

When creating ads, white papers, sales materials, general collateral using any DBJ.Systems owned logo

We ask that you put one of the following taglines at the bottom of the page or ad etc, whenever you feature any DBJ.Systems owned logo:

© 2017 DBJ.Systems Ltd. All rights reserved. DBJ.Systems and the DBJ.Systems Logo has registered trademarks of DBJ.Systems Ltd.
© 2017 DBJ.Systems Ltd… All rights reserved. [Insert Trademark] is a trademark of DBJ.Systems Ltd.
When using a DBJ.Systems screenshot or data

We ask that you put the following tagline beneath any image featuring a DBJ.Systems screenshot or data:

© 2017 DBJ.Systems Ltd. used with permission. DBJ.Systems and the DBJ.Systems logo are registered trademarks of DBJ.Systems Ltd.
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