Office 2013: How to install, activate and spend 180 days in eval mode

Understand there is no any other way

You have to go to this page  and you have to sign in with your Microsoft ID.  ( or, email account). There is no other way. Any other Office 2013 iso , obtained in some other way is not going to exhibit evaluation mode behavior described here.


After you sign in above using your Microsoft ID, you will be asked to register to continue.


this is the registration form


After you hit “Continue” you will be asked about the language in which you require you Office 2013 eval to be.


Click “Continue” and long(er) download of Office 2013 equipped with licence key made for you, immediately begins.

At this instance, depending on the quality of your line you might see this:


Your download is doing just fine regardless of this message. You just have to leave this screen on until download has finished. In unlikely case it does not finish, click  the “Download” button above. File to be downloaded is up to 700 MB in size.

Upon download finish in your download folder you will find:


where “en-us” is a language code. If you have opted for other than English (US) your file name will be different for that part.

If you have no clue what to do with an IMG file, or what the heck “mount” means for a file, please read this very good guide.

Are we out of the woods? Not yet.

Obviously at this point, you have learnt how to mount an img file and you have done that and started a Office 2013 setup routine. And the very first screen is a particular problem for someone who has previous version of office installed on the same machine.


If you click “Upgrade” here and you happen to have Office 2010 (for example) on the same machine it will be upgraded to 2013 and you will be asked to pay for the price of upgrade, after evaluation period, of Office 2013 Eval you are trying out, has expired. And there is no way out of there.

So, you better click “Customize”. And click on “Keep all previous versions”.


After this I always click in the “Installation Options” TAB where I make sure I install only the part s of Office, I will use.

In this case I have selected to evaluate only Outlook 2013 as part of this Office 2013 Eval installation. Do not forget that Office installation can be amended later after the installation.

I am sure by now you are more than capable to finish this installation. But wait, there is more!

Office 2013 eval period can be extended to 180 days

Routine to do it properly is completely legal. But it is better left to your support. If curious, it is fully documented HERE.

In case your Evaluation Activation does not work

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