Feasible Business Telephony Solution

You are the owner of an SME.  As a result of your natural desire and to keep on , ever improving your company you are on an successful path to full compliance. And now you want to update and thus simplify your business phone system.

First of all we recommend you to change your personal legacy telephone related habits and invisible solutions. They are costing you much more personally and much more as a business than required realistically.

And in turn you are left out of the simplicity and cost reductions of the VOIP world. Think of VOIP in very simple terms as “internet telephony”.  Or click on that link for when you have a healthy dose of curiosity and time to spend.

The solution we do recommend

  1. Start with Sipgate Basic
    1. Use it as a personal VOIP solution
  2. When ready “slide upwards” into the “Sipgate Team
    1. Use it as a business VOIP solution
    2. The latest “Sipgate Team” appraisal is here.

On request we can lead you through the implementation of this simple two-step plan . Click THIS LINK to mail us.

Above all on this journey please (please) be wary of some “peculiar” SIP re-sellers. They do not add any value. They add 5 year contracts and the costs.  We hear every month once of twice from companies or people, being “caught” by them. Understand we are talking here some really serious looking companies, where business model is based on customers not knowing what are they not supposed to know.

Last but not the least. To carry out GDPR related workable solutions imposed on your company handling of personal data of who you call, this kind of modern VOIP solutions is a necessary precursor.

Not from this century.

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