It was working yesterday

Whenever we are faced with the desperate customer and a proverbial sentence: “It was working yesterday” we always follow this same recipe.

Before you start be 100% sure that all the important data is saved somewhere else. Cloud storage is absolutely the best place.

First. Do the ultimate Virus check by using one of the tools that are your favorite. Our current favorite is THIS (Panda Cloud Cleaner rescue USB drive)

IF virus(es) are found after this step the said machine might become unusable. This is because the cleaner will remove crucial Windows files that are always most likely the infected ones.

If after the previous step Windows won’t start this is “game over”. Reinstall the OS. Now proceed t the following tasks.

  1. Regardless of the outcome of the previous steps update the BIOS.
    1. Be sure to read, understand and apply the general AND manufacturers procedure for the BIOS update.
  2. Now go to the cmd line (in Admin mode) and execute: sfc /scannow And wait for it to finish.
    1. The following step is unlikely to happen now but, if on WIN10 and there is still noticeable instability do the System refresh or the System restore. Here is how to Choose your own poison 🙂

Unbelievable but true: Everything else is variation of this simple recipe.

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